Everything you need to...

Empower your choices to maintain not gain this holiday season.

Learn ways you sabotage your health during the holidays.

Handle multiple family meals and holiday socials in a day.

Not unravel the progress you've made on your health all year.

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Disclaimer: This course is for those exploring the possibility of utilizing a more natural, holistic and lifestyle approach to medicine perspective to support healthy habit changes. This course is for educational purposes only and does NOT constitute specific medical advice nor does taking this course create a physician/patient relationship.

There are no guarantees made on accuracy at time of course publication, as the landscape of medicine and research changes daily. Always check with your personal physician.

Supplements and nutritional supplements may interfere with prescribed medications. It is important that you do NOT start or stop any prescription medications, vitamins or supplements without talking to your primary care physician first. All of the products mentioned in this course have been scientifically tested by their manufacturers and independently reviewed for quality by others who are qualified to do so.

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